TruGreen vs. Master Lawn: Comparing 2 Memphis, TN and Olive Branch, MS Lawn Care Services

If you’re looking for better lawn care results then you might be looking for a professional company in Memphis, TN or Olive Branch, MS to handle your lawn care services. While that sounds like a simple enough task, the truth is, there are a lot of lawn care companies to choose from and quite a few decisions to make. Among them is whether or not to choose the big name company that you’ve heard a lot about or to opt for the smaller local company.

We understand that with all of the choices, and all of the information out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. But we want to help guide you in making the best possible decision for your lawn so that you will be happy with the service experience and the results.

As you perform your search, it’s likely that TruGreen Memphis is a name that has come up and that you may be comparing against Master Lawn.

Let’s take a look at a few key points to make a fair comparison.

TruGreen Memphis vs. Master Lawn: The National Giant vs. The Local Business

There is no denying that TruGreen Memphis is a name that almost everyone knows, particularly since they are headquartered here. However, even though they’re based out of the area, TruGreen is a massive national chain that services millions of customers. The biggest difference between TruGreen and Master Lawn is most definitely their size. While Master Lawn is focused on Memphis, TN and Olive Branch, MS alone, TruGreen has more than 200 branches across the country.

Master Lawn Customer Map - 2019

Although Master Lawn isn’t a name known around the country, it’s a name known in our local area—where we feel it matters. In fact, we feel that our smaller size is an advantage. That’s because being committed to a smaller service area allows us to really get to know our clients better.

We’re also very in tune with our local area. After all, we live and work here, just like you. We’re not a huge company trying to understand multiple areas across the country.

Comparing Service Offerings

There are a few similarities in the service offerings of Master Lawn and TruGreen Memphis, at least on the surface. Both companies offer lawn care and plant health care. However, because of Master Lawn’s close affiliation with Memphis-based landscape company Michael Hatcher & Associates, we can offer so much more than TruGreen. Michael Hatcher acquired Master Lawn in 2018 in order to be able to offer their clients even better lawn care service. In turn, it also allows Master Lawn to offer its clients superior landscaping.

Home with Master Lawn landscaping services in Memphis, TN

The backing of a comprehensive landscape company is a big value add for clients because we can assist with problems that go beyond what traditional lawn care can fix.

For instance, if there is a trouble spot on your lawn that receives too much shade and does not grow grass, an alternative solution such as mulching or the addition of a plant bed may be warranted. If TruGreen Memphis was your lawn care company, you’d have to hire an additional landscape company to have that work completed.

Many of our clients appreciate that with Master Lawn, we can establish/build and maintain or repair lawns and landscapes. It’s a much more seamless experience which means less hassle for you.

Comparing Lawn Care Programs

According to TruGreen’s website, there are 3 programs to choose from. Each program includes 8 lawn visits performed between February and December. As you “step up” in program offerings, aeration can be added or plant health care can be added. However, fungicides are not part of any regular program and must be added on at an additional cost. None of TruGreen’s programs include the use of bio-nutritional materials.

Master Lawn also has 3 different program offerings but they are structured differently. Our lawn care programs start with 7 visits for the Silver Program, 9 visits for the Gold Program, and 10 visits for the Platinum Program.

Master Lawn lawn care program pricing

Turf disease control treatments (fungicides) are part of the Silver Program if it’s determined that they are warranted. In addition, Master Lawn offers a hybrid option for homeowners who are interested in organic options but want great results. This program incorporates bio-nutritional materials that TruGreen does not even offer.

Master Lawn vs. TruGreen Prices

Of course, we suspect that you might also be curious about comparing pricing when it comes to looking at these two companies. We can tell you now that TruGreen is going to be cheaper. That’s not a fact that we’re trying to hide. In fact, it’s pretty common knowledge. You can compare TruGreen against most companies across the country and TruGreen typically comes out as the cheaper option, at least at the onset.

But we would also suggest that you think about why they are cheaper.

lawn-care-fertilizing-hands-grassLike most things in life, you generally get what you pay for and this is also true of lawn care services. There are quite a few factors that impact lawn care cost, making certain programs cost more than others. Some of these include the following.

  • Better products: Better quality products work better but also cost more. While some of Master Lawn’s programs include fungicide, TruGreen always charges extra for these services. Master Lawn also uses bio-nutritional materials, something that TruGreen doesn’t even offer.

  • Level of experience and training:It also costs more to have better-trained technicians on staff. You want a company who hires experienced lawn technicians who have a long tenure with the company and have solid experience. Unfortunately, big-name chains often have a reputation for a revolving door of employees, very commonly new to the industry without years of previous lawn care experience. Similarly, certifications matter, too. At Master Lawn, all of our technicians are licensed applicators—not just some like other companies who just merely register their technicians with the State.

  • Customer support: Although TruGreen’s call center is based in Memphis, it’s important to note that this is their national call center where they are not only fielding local calls but also ones from around the country. When you call Master Lawn, you are receiving local customer support that is solely focused on our region alone.

Making a Wise Choice

We understand that with all the advertising noise out there, it can be difficult to know who to trust. But taking the time to research the lawn care companies that you’re considering is an important step in making a choice that you won’t later regret. After all, there’s nothing worse than investing time, effort, and money into a service that simply doesn’t pan out.

Family in lawn with professional lawn careThen you’re back to square one.

Although making a lawn care decision may feel a bit overwhelming, we are here to help guide you. Even if you don’t ultimately choose Master Lawn, we want you to be happy with the company that you end up selecting. If you have any questions that we can answer to make your research easier, we are available.

By making your wise choice in the end, you can work on building a long-term relationship with a local company that you’ll come to know and trust.

Ready to learn more about why Master Lawn could be your choice for the best lawn care company in Memphis, TN or Olive Branch, MS? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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