5 Lawn Care Tips That Will Make the Neighbors Green with Envy

If you desire a lush, green property that the neighbors envy, then you want to do everything you can to ensure a healthy lawn. However, you might not know exactly what that means.

In fact, you might have even tried to perform a number of different lawn care services (or even worked with a professional) and you’re still not seeing the results you want. You may be feeling frustrated, wondering, “What can make one lawn so much greener than another? What is the secret to great lawn care and what am I missing?!”

We understand your frustrations. The truth is, lawn care is more complicated than a lot of people realize so you aren’t alone. In an effort to help answer your questions and to fulfill your quest for a thriving lawn, we’ve rounded up some of the best Mississippi and Tennessee lawn care tips that we know.

Our 5 Best Lawn Care Tips for Tennessee and Mississippi

Here are the 5 best tips that you’ll find will give you the most impressive results.

  1. Double-Pass Core Aeration
  2. Ideally-Timed Overseeding
  3. Professional Dethatching
  4. Bionutritional Stimulants
  5. A Professionally-Executed Lawn Care Program

Let’s take a few minutes to look at these Mississippi and Tennessee lawn care tips in greater detail:

1. Double-Pass Core Aeration

One of the best services you can have performed for your lawn is aeration, which literally allows your lawn to breathe better. This is a measure that golf courses and pro sports turf managers are performing at least once a year in order to produce their amazing results. Residential lawns should be aerated annually in order to get the best results.

lawn aeration improving lawn

The process of aeration involves utilizing a piece of machinery called a core aerator to pull small cores of soil throughout your lawn. This will reduce soil compaction and allow more fertilizer, oxygen, and water to penetrate down to the root system in your lawn.

Breaking up soil compaction also has the benefit of encouraging deeper root growth. This helps lawns become more resilient in times of stress because the grass can find moisture during drought and can better withstand stressful conditions.

Aeration also stimulates lateral growth of grass plants, making your lawn thicker in the long-run. It can also break down typical layers of thatch that may be preventing products from making their way to your lawn’s roots.

2. Ideally-Timed Overseeding

Aeration is one our best lawn care tips for fall due to the fact that we also recommend overseeding at the same time. In the fall, the weather conditions are ideal for new grass growth. The soil is still warm but the air is cool. This provides the best possible growing conditions for seed germination which, in turn, improves the chance of new grass survival.

grass seed for over-seeding lawn

When completed after aeration, the seeds will fall into the holes created by the aerator, providing great seed-to-soil contact. This allows for the best possible conditions for seeds to germinate and establish roots.

Seeding is also going to help your lawn look great by filling in thinned out and bare areas and really thickening up your lawn overall.

We often get asked by homeowners what value they get out of investing in professional seeding services rather than just performing it on their own. Besides the fact that we likely utilize a higher quality seed than anything you will be able to purchase at the local hardware store, it’s also our method that really makes a difference.

It never hurts to have overseeding performed annually. New cultivars of grass species are constantly being designed for better resistance to diseases, pests, and other stressors and even improve their color. Seeding each year is a great way to continually introduce better grass into your lawn.

3. Professional Dethatching

Lawns that have a thick layer of thatch may require a specialized service called dethatching. Thatch is the organic layer made up of dead and living stems which naturally occurs on the lawn. It builds up between the surface of the soil and the bottom of the grass blades.

While a little bit of thatch is no problem, the trouble starts when a half-inch or more of this layer has accumulated on your lawn. Thatch can make your lawn more prone to disease or pest problems. It can also prevent those valuable materials being put down (like weed control or fertilizer) from ever making it to your lawn’s roots. Instead, they get caught up in the thatch.

If you have a lawn that is struggling with thatch then we can utilize a special piece of equipment called a dethatcher to break up this layer and restore your lawn’s health.

While this is a service that some lawns may never need, others might need it every 3-10 years, depending upon conditions.

4. Bionutritional Stimulants

Another of our lawn care tips is the addition of bionutritional stimulants to the lawn. The introduction of these microorganisms (like fungi and bacteria) will help the lawn to digest nutrients.

healthy lawn soil

These microorganisms also help strengthen your lawn against disease and pests. Healthy, biologically active soil has a highly diverse array of this microscopic life. Over time, a lawn care service that is focused on the biology of soil health will have fewer weeds and a thicker, greener lawn.

5. A Professionally-Executed Lawn Care Program

With the implementation of a professional lawn care program with the right products, well-trained people, and a proactive regimen can help you finally get on track to a healthy lawn.

The important similarity between all of these lawn care tips is that they are best performed by a professional. Sure, you could attempt a DIY approach and try to perform some of these on your own. But oftentimes a professional is the difference between an impressively green lawn and a so-so one.

An expert that specializes in lawn care will know all of the best lawn care tips including exactly what your lawn needs. A professional will also have access to specialized equipment and materials that the average homeowner can’t get their hands on.

Working with a Lawn Care Pro in Memphis, TN or Olive Branch, MS

You ought to be able to have the lush green lawn that you desire. That’s why you may be ready to put a stop to the endless cycle of products and inferior lawn care services that aren’t working for you and start doing what does work.

house-lawn-trees-shrubs-3 - EDITS

Of course, it has to be the right lawn care company in Memphis, TN or Olive Branch, MS.

There are plenty of so-so lawns out there that are being serviced by a so-called pro. But some companies are simply better than others, and you’ll notice a difference in your results.

At Master Lawn, we are prepared to help you produce the lushest and greenest lawn possible. Besides getting you the results you want, allowing us to guide you will also grant you peace of mind. Instead of having to figure out everything that your lawn may need by yourself, you can simply leave it in the hands of an expert. It’s a win all around.

Ready to finally have that lush green lawn at your Memphis, TN or Olive Branch, MS home? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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