Does Mosquito Control Spray Work? Real Remedies for Memphis TN or Northern MS

The only thing that might be more frustrating than having a mosquito problem is getting started with mosquito control that doesn’t end up working. If you’re dealing with mosquitoes on your Memphis, TN or Northern MS property, and you invest in a mosquito spray for the yard, then you expect it to be effective.

That’s why you might be wondering, does mosquito control actually work?

The simplest answer is, it depends. While there are certainly some approaches that aren’t going to work very well, there are ways that you can effectively address your mosquito problem. Let’s take a look at your options so that you can make a wise choice.

Does DIY Mosquito Spray for the Yard Work?

Because many big box stores sell mosquito spray products, a lot of homeowners think about taking a DIY approach. This seems like it might be a safer option and you might also assume it will save you some money. But the truth is, there are a couple of key reasons why tackling mosquitoes on your own may be ineffective and not worth your investment.

For one, the quality of store-bought products is going to be subpar.

After all, there’s a reason why professionals invest in high-quality, commercial-grade products that they need to be licensed and trained to use. Anything that you pick up at a store on your own is going to be much weaker than what a licensed contractor is using for a professional spray service.

But another big problem with a DIY approach to mosquito control is the lack of knowledge and understanding. There’s a bit more to the process than people tend to realize. With no knowledge on where to treat, how to treat, or how often to treat, the effectiveness of a DIY approach is going to be drastically reduced.

On the flip side, a professional is going to know exactly where, how, and when to apply a product in order for it to work best. They are licensed and trained to know exactly what to do. Though you’ll invest more than buying store-bought products, you’ll also gain confidence that you’ve chosen a solution that works.

Does an Organic Mosquito Spray Service Work?

Of course, you have options when it comes to hiring a professional and some are better than others. Now that you recognize some of the reasons why a DIY approach might not be as effective as you want, you might be considering which professional service you should choose.

technician spraying organic mosquito spray

You may have heard about both organic and non-organic options. While you want to hire a service that uses effective products against mosquitoes, you also don’t want to risk your family’s safety in any way.

Fortunately, you don’t have to compromise safety for effectiveness. You can choose an organic option that is both safe and effective.

At Master Lawn we use organic mosquito control and we can attest to the fact that it works thanks to having many seasons of happy customers under our belt. Our mosquito control is very effective at diminishing the mosquito population around your property.

There are some key reasons why our mosquito control program is effective.

Optimal Number of Visits

For one, we have pinpointed the ideal number of visits required to ensure there are no periods of time in which your property goes unprotected. Our mosquito applications are spaced approximately 30 to 40 days apart (going April through October) for optimal protection. This is the time period in which mosquitoes are most active here in Memphis, TN and Northern MS.

Professional-Grade Products

Another big reason for success is what we talked about earlier (when we discussed why DIY may be ineffective). We are using high-quality, professional-grade products that work incredibly well. 

Master Lawn pest control technician spraying for mosquitoes

Along with that, we are also using professional-grade equipment to apply those products. With the use of professional backpack sprayers, we are precisely targeting our applications.

Highly Trained Technicians

Our technicians are also trained to take a customized approach to your property’s exact needs. We are identifying and targeting the prime mosquito habitats at your home. 

A lot of people are surprised to learn that mosquitoes are weak fliers and stop often to rest. The key to getting rid of mosquitoes on your property is figuring out where they’re going to take that rest and treating those areas with an effective product.

mosquito control technician spraying shrubs

In addition to spraying mosquito control around common resting areas, a technician will also spray around areas where you spend a lot of your time—your patio or your deck, for instance—so that you’re definitely covered in those areas, too.

Valuable Cultural Recommendations

One final reason for the effectiveness of our mosquito spray service is the fact that we are also providing valuable cultural recommendations on extra steps you can take for success. For instance, getting rid of areas of standing water can make a tremendous impact since this is the site of mosquito breeding.

In addition, when warranted, we also utilize an additional product for areas of standing water that can go the extra mile in killing mosquitoes in these specific spots.

Finally, Get Rid of Mosquitoes and Back to Enjoying Life

Now that you understand you can get rid of mosquitoes in a safe and effective way, today is the day that you can choose to make a change that will make your time spent outdoors much more stress-free. You want to be able to enjoy your yard and you don’t want to feel as though you’re under attack every time that you go outside.

Customers enjoying their lawn with mosquito control

By making that smart choice you’ll no longer feel like you have to drag the kids inside from playing, stop the party short, or be worrying every time you’re in the yard. With mosquitoes effectively taken care of, you can cast all of those worries aside and get back to enjoying time outside.

Ready to say goodbye to mosquitoes at your Tennessee or Northern Mississippi home? Talk to an expert, learn more about our organic mosquito control program to one of our 3 lawn care programs, and become the master of your lawn.

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