What Does a Tree Spray Service Apply on Trees & Shrubs in Memphis, TN & Northern MS?

Have you ever really looked at your property and thought about what makes it beautiful? It’s not only a lush, green lawn but also thriving plant material in your landscaped areas. Trees and shrubs are undoubtedly an important part of your overall property, but they’re not always given the same attention and care that the lawn is given.

In reality, trees and shrubs also need care (like your lawn) including both preventative maintenance and curative treatments for problems like diseases or pests. You also need to protect the overall health and vitality of your plants by providing nutrients they need to thrive.

These types of services are encompassed in our Plant Health Care program.

Of course, as someone who wants to be an informed consumer, you probably want to know what’s included in a program like this before investing. We commend you for that and want to share exactly what to spray on trees and shrubs for a successful program. We’ll cover each of the categories that should be part of a comprehensive program.

What to Spray on Trees for Bugs and Disease

Preventing and controlling insects and diseases on trees and shrubs is imperative as your plants can easily succumb to these types of problems. There are a number of pests and diseases that thrive in our area and some can completely decimate a plant requiring replacement.

Throughout the year, we use contact products that kill surface-feeding insects and we combine a systemic insecticide product that works through the system of the plant to prevent insects. In terms of what to spray on trees for fungus, we’re also combining fungicides into those treatments to prevent disease as well.

plant health care technician spraying shrubs

In the fall, we apply a dormant oil that will take care of any overwintering insects that will cause you trouble when spring emerges.

What to Spray on Trees and Shrubs for Growth and Performance

Fertilization is another really important service that will help your trees and shrubs to perform their best. Without fertilizers, nature struggles to replenish the nutrients in the soil and plants perform poorly as a result.

If you want optimal performance and growth, then fertilization is another important part of a comprehensive program.

plant health care technician fertilizing shrubs

In the spring, we use a polycoated 6-month slow release product. We have a no burn guarantee with this application. In the fall, we use a balanced quick release product so that the plant can store energy for the winter.

Can I Spray Trees and Shrubs on my Own?

Now that you have a better understanding of what to spray on trees and shrubs, you might be wondering if you can take a DIY approach to Plant Health Care. While it’s true that you can buy plant fertilizers and even disease and insect control products at the big box store, the complex nature of caring for plants doesn’t make this an easy undertaking for most homeowners.

The reality is, oftentimes, we are making tweaks and customized changes to the program based on what we’re seeing going on in the landscape. The whole process requires knowledge and skill in diagnosing things like shrub and tree pests, or other problems, including disease.

plant healthcare technician inspection for pests and diseases

You could also make costly mistakes such as burning your plants with fertilizer and needing to replace them. While we have a no burn guarantee on our fertilization program, you’re not going to get that from a store-bought product.

Once they realize everything that is involved in a truly successful Plant Health Care program, most people decide it’s a series of services best left to the pros.

Choosing a Tree Spraying Service in Memphis, TN and Northern MS

The fact that Plant Health Care is more involved than people may realize also means it’s incredibly important to choose the best tree spraying service. You need a company that will not only use the best, high-quality products but also the most effective delivery methods.

Master Lawn Technician spraying trees and shrubs for pests and diseases

You also need to find a company that’s going to be able to make adjustments as they’re needed. Certain circumstances and certain plants are going to warrant different treatments, so it’s important to choose a tree spraying company that is not set in their ways—but can vary the approach and product used as needed.

Unfortunately, not all companies are going to fit that bill.

Many massive tree spraying services have a set way of doing things and are just going to check off the list. These “spray and go” companies are simply following orders and don’t necessarily even have the skill or know-how to diagnose specific issues and make changes to the program.

On top of that, it’s also a problem that not all companies invest in high-quality products and a vast variety of product solutions. Companies that are trying to cut corners to make their price lower might choose subpar products or limit the number of products they offer. That’s going to have a direct impact on your results.

At the end of the day, what you’re really looking for is peace of mind that your plants are getting the care that they need. By choosing wisely, you can gain that assurance. At Master Lawn, our Plant Health Care program is thorough, customizable, and includes the use of high-quality, professional-grade products. That translates directly to the peace of mind you’re seeking.

Ready to stop worrying about the health of your property’s trees and shrubs by investing in protection for your landscape? Request a quote, get your customized Plant Health Care plan, and become the master of your landscape.

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