What's the Best Grass Seed for Memphis, TN and Northern MS? Tips for a Thicker Lawn

When you picture a gorgeous lawn—the kind that you’re wishing for—you’re probably thinking about one that is lush, green, thick, and without bare patches. What you’re not imagining is a lawn that’s thinned out or has spots where grass appears to be struggling to grow.

But if your lawn sounds a lot more like the latter, then you might be wondering if you should fill in those bare spots with seed. You also want to know what’s the best grass seed for TN and Northern MS so that you seed wisely and encourage that thick and healthy lawn you desire.

We know that seeding can be more complicated than homeowners often assume and that seeding mistakes can do more harm than good. That’s why we’re shedding some light on not only the best grass seed for TN and Northern MS but also other important ways that you can thicken your lawn.

Winter Overseeding with the Best Grass Seed for TN and Northern MS

First and foremost, you should know that by late summer, lawns in Memphis, TN and Northern MS can really be struggling due to the intense heat that we have here. As a result, around this time, we’re going out and cleaning up any weed areas that might be thriving where the lawn has thinned out.

Then, by early fall, we are performing some winter overseeding in those thinned out spots once the weeds have been addressed.

Lawn Technician overseeding in TN

We know that the best grass seed for TN and Northern MS is a blend. We’re seeding with a premium blend that is 80 percent Tall Fescue and 20 percent Ryegrass blend, to provide the best of what each of those grasses has to offer.

That grass will thrive through the winter and then really start to perform its best in the spring, growing quickly and steadily. Of course, as summer once again rolls around and temperatures skyrocket, the grass will again start to struggle. It’s a cycle that we’re all accustomed to here in the South but it also has many asking what they can do about a thicker lawn.

The answer is a lot more complex than just seeding. Although many homeowners assume that simply tossing down some seed and continually trying to fill in those bare spots is the answer, in reality, there’s a lot more to it. It’s actually a comprehensive approach to lawn care that helps lawns in Memphis, TN and Northern MS to perform their best, even when weather conditions are against them.

Sodding the Lawn with Zoysia and/or Bermuda

We’ll get into a few tips in terms of thickening your Memphis or Northern MS lawn, but we also want to talk about sodding with the predominant species—Zoysia or Bermuda grass. While we’ll use a Tall Fescue/Ryegrass blend for winter overseeding (when your predominant lawn species will go somewhat brown or thin out), if you’re looking to repair a damaged or struggling area of predominant turf, then you might consider sodding.

As you likely already know, sodding is the process of installing pre-grown grass that comes in rolls and can give you an “instant lawn.” If you’re looking for a small area to be sodded, Master Lawn can handle that for you. But if you need your whole lawn re-sodded (perhaps because of new construction), we’d likely connect you with our sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates, a full-service landscaping company that can handle total lawn renovation needs.

Of course, if you’re dealing with thin spots on your predominant lawn, it’s important to get to the bottom of what’s causing them in the first place. The last thing that we’d want is for you to go through the investment of sodding only to find your lawn is thinning out again.

Diagnosing thinning lawn due to common diseases

That’s why we’ll talk about diagnosing and treating common lawn problems, as well. You deserve to be able to have a thick lawn that you can be proud of.

How Do I Thicken my Memphis TN and Northern MS Lawn?

If you’re plagued with thin spots and bare patches, the first step is to figure out what’s causing those problems. Yes, the weather can be harsh on our lawns, but oftentimes there’s something more going on. Figuring out “why is my grass dying” comes down to determining whether you might also be dealing with disease, surface- or sub-surface feeding insects, or possibly lawn care mistakes made with a DIY approach (or perhaps by a lawn care provider that made an error).

Before you can thicken your lawn, a proper diagnosis as to exactly what’s happening on your lawn must be made so that corrective steps can be taken. If it’s as simple as drought-stress, then cultural recommendations regarding watering can be made. But if you’re also struggling with a pest or a disease problem, then curative treatments might need to be implemented before you begin to see a change.

On top of that, lawns need more nutrients than what are naturally supplied by the soil, so we would also recommend a fertilization program to thicken your lawn. Double-pass core aeration, which literally allows your lawn to breathe better is also going to make a tremendous difference. Aeration stimulates lateral growth of grass plants, which translates directly into thickness. It can also break down thatch layers which may be preventing lawn care products (like fertilizer) from making their way to the lawn’s roots.

Master Lawn technician aerating a customers lawn

We can also use bionutritional stimulants to help a lawn grow thicker and healthier. The introduction of these microorganisms (like fungi and bacteria) help your lawn to better digest nutrients. It will also strengthen your lawn against threats like disease and pests, which may cause your lawn to thin out.

Healthy, biologically active soil has a highly diverse array of this microscopic life. By introducing better biology into your soil, you can make a huge difference in how thick and healthy it is.

Working with a Lawn Care Pro to Thicken Your Memphis, TN or Northern MS Lawn

If you’ve been frustrated by a thin lawn (or one with bare patches) in the past, then you might be looking for answers. Fortunately, you now know that there’s a lot more to it than just seeding. Yes, it’s definitely important to choose the best grass seed for TN and Northern MS, but that is ultimately just one piece of a larger puzzle.

You also need to implement the best lawn care solutions in order to support the thick and healthy growth of your new grass. And if you aren’t someone who feels like waiting around for that growth, then you want a company who can also offer the option for sodding.

At Master Lawn, we are prepared to help you meet your exact needs with not only a proper diagnosis of any problems that might be going on, but also access to all the possible solutions you might need. With the best products (including premium grass seed) and a full array of services (including sodding), we can help get you on your way to that thick lawn that you’ve been wishing for.

lawn care technician inspecting for possible solutions for a thicker lawn

Instead of having to worry about why your lawn isn’t as thick as it should be, or what you need to do to fix it, you can rest assured that it’s being handled by a pro who has your best interest at heart.

Ready to be able to stop worrying about your thinned out lawn at your Tennessee or Northern Mississippi home? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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