All About Poa Annua: How to Identify & Control Annual Bluegrass

Few things are more frustrating to the homeowner desiring a healthy and thriving lawn than weeds. Weeds can really stick out and make your lawn look uncared for (even if you’re doing all the right things).
Of course, certain weeds are much worse than others. Of the worst offenders, Poa Annua weeds are high on the list. Poa Annua is the more technical term for Annual Bluegrass and it’s a fairly common concern here in Memphis, TN.

The biggest problem with Poa Annua is that it’s very difficult to get rid of. It is a hardy weed that is well-adapted to our local conditions. It’s one of those weeds that seems to persist no matter what you do!

Fortunately, there are some solutions. In this article, we’ll talk about how to address Poa Annua control so that you get this pesky problem handled.

How to Identify Poa Annua in Your Lawn

Resolving a problem with Poa Annua grass starts with identification. You have to make sure that it’s actually Poa Annua that you’re dealing with in order to make sure that you’re treating it appropriately.

Poa Annua is cool-season annual weed that is bright green and will stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of your lawn. It tends to grow taller and brighter than everything else that is around it.

Poa annua growing in dirt

Poa Annua also has smooth leaves and a pointed boat-shaped tip.

Another identifying factor is that this weed tends to grow in clumps or bunches as opposed to individual blades. You’ll find large groupings of Poa Annua grass around your lawn.

How to Control Poa Annua

When it comes to Poa Annua control, trying to use a Poa Annua killer can be a losing battle. This weed is so difficult to get rid of because of the fact that the plant produces several thousands of seeds in a season.

Your best bet is to use Poa Annua pre-emergent, which is part of our fall pre-emergent application here at Master Lawn in the Memphis area. This is a proactive approach that helps to prevent this weed in the first place.

technician pours granular fertilizer into spreader

More specifically, pre-emergent weed controls work by creating a barrier below the surface that reduces the number of seeds that germinate and break through. It’s important that the pre-emergent is applied to the entire lawn in order to be effective.

These products must also be applied before germination or they won’t work.

technician applies granular fertilizer with walk behind spreader

However, if you end up with a horrible Poa Annua outbreak, we can treat with post-emergent controls (a Poa Annua killer) and see how it works out.

If you end up with some really bad bare spots in your lawn after killing off the Poa Annua, we might talk to you about the option of sodding, which our sister company Michael Hatcher & Associates offers.

Partner with a Professional in the Fight Against Poa Annua Grass

At the end of the day, while all weeds are a nuisance, some are certainly worse than others. Poa Annua grass falls into the category of one of the more aggressive and hard-to-control weeds, and that makes it a major problem.

Fortunately, with the right professional on your side, you don’t have to worry.

Poa Annua control is ultimately just one part of the comprehensive weed control program that Master Lawn offers. That’s because (although persistent), Poa Annua is really just one of many weeds that plague us here in Memphis, TN.

lawn care technician aerates healthy lawn

It’s also important to remember that solid weed control is more than just weed control treatments. A full-service lawn care program that includes other vital services like lawn fertilization and aeration and overseeding, will go a really long way in promoting a thick and healthy lawn. And when push comes to shove, it’s a thick and healthy lawn that will start to choke out weeds, naturally.

This includes, of course, Poa Annua grass. The thicker that your lawn is, the better chance it will have at protecting itself from invasive weeds.

Let Master Lawn Help You with Poa Annua Control (and More)

We know that the battle against weeds here in Memphis, TN can feel never-ending. Because of our warmer climate, weeds are a formidable foe. Sometimes it can feel like you have done all the right things and yet you still end up with weeds popping up in your lawn.

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with a weed as stubborn as Poa Annua, it might feel like you can never win.

But we’re here to help. You do not have to fight against stubborn weeds like Poa Annua on your own! When you team up with Master Lawn, you have a professional on your side, helping you to fight the battle.

The key is a comprehensive lawn care program that has everything your lawn needs to perform its best.

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Effective weed control requires a year-round, multi-control approach using the best practices and the best products.

You don’t have to let weeds like Poa Annua get the best of you. With a pro on your side, you can simply get back to enjoying your lawn.

If you’re ready to stop worrying about weeds in your Memphis, TN or Northern MS lawn, talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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