Master Lawn vs. Mosquito Joe: Comparing 2 Mosquito Companies in Memphis, TN

When it comes to choosing a mosquito control service in Memphis, TN, you know that there’s a lot at stake. After all, mosquitoes are not only a major nuisance (leaving itchy and painful bites). They also pose a risk since they can carry deadly viruses like Zika and West Nile.

If you are dealing with mosquitoes on your property, you want a solution that will work.

Child playing in lawn without mosquitoes

That’s why you’re trying to find the best mosquito companies in Memphis, TN. Do you go with the big name that you’ve heard before? Or should you choose a locally-owned company?

We understand that when it comes to mosquito control services, you have choices. But we want you to be able to choose wisely so that you are ultimately satisfied with the results. That’s why we’re comparing two of the options that you might be considering: Master Lawn to Mosquito Joe of East Memphis.

Who is Mosquito Joe of East Memphis?

In your search for the best mosquito control, there is a good chance that you’ve come across the “Mosquito Joe name.” Mosquito Joe of East Memphis is a local franchise that is part of a large national company. 

The company has more than 125 franchise locations across 33 states. For as little as $30,000 in start-up costs, almost anyone can start a franchise, regardless of whether they have experience with mosquito control or not.

How Does Mosquito Joe of East Memphis Differ from Master Lawn

As you can probably already guess, one of the biggest differences between these two companies is the size of their customer bases and their business models. 

While Mosquito Joe is part of a national franchise system, Master Lawn is an independent business that is locally owned and operated. That means that we only service homes in Memphis, TN and Northern Mississippi (not all around the country). This is important when it comes to truly knowing the area that you’re working in.

Service Comparison

Another big difference is the actual service that each of these mosquito services can provide.

While both companies are licensed to treat mosquitoes, Master Lawn can also handle lawn care and tree and shrub care, as well. This adds value as technicians are also trained to spot other potential problems on your property such as disease or even lawn pests that might be causing damage. 

Master Lawn lawn care technician identifying lawn problems

On top of that, Master Lawn also has a sister company, Michael Hatcher & Associates, which allows even more services outside of the scope of what a lawn care company can offer. This adds even more value and could even help address your mosquito trouble. For instance, if you’re dealing with a property that has improper grading and has areas that constantly collect water, this issue could be at the root of your mosquito problem. A comprehensive landscape company can address this. 

In other words, we’re doing more than just spraying mosquitoes but failing to make progress. We are focusing on getting to the root of the problem and actually addressing breeding grounds.

Choosing Amongst the Best Mosquito Companies in Memphis, TN

You want to be able to get back outside and enjoy your yard again without having to worry about these pesky (and dangerous) pests attacking you and your family. That’s why you want to choose the company that is going to be most effective in addressing your mosquito problem.

Master Lawn mosquito control technician in Memphis, TN

After all, the last thing that you want is to have to start all over again in researching companies because the one you chose didn’t work. Not only would that mean you’re still dealing with mosquitoes, but it means going back to square one with the research process.

Instead, make the wise choice to invest in a company that goes beyond “just spraying” and takes actual steps to make real change. By making this smart selection, you can finally win the battle against mosquitoes and take back control of your property. 

Ready to learn why Master Lawn could be your best choice for mosquito control in Olive Branch, MS or Memphis, TN? Talk to a mosquito control expert, learn more about our mosquito control program, and become the master of your lawn.

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