LawnStarter, HomeAdvisor, & Thumbtack? Lawn Service Options in Memphis, TN and Northern MS?

When it comes to finding a lawn care company, you have no shortage of choices. In fact, as you begin to do your research, you might start to feel overwhelmed by all of the options. But it’s important that you consider what’s out there so that you ultimately make a wise choice that you’re happy with.

Of course, if you’re experiencing choice overload, you might actually be thinking about turning to a third-party provider like LawnStarter, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack in Memphis, TN and Northern MS to simplify the process.

Because we believe in transparency and in helping you make educated decisions, we’ll explain what it could mean to go that route.

What is a Third-Party Lawn Service in Memphis, TN and Northern MS?

Before we go any further, just in case there is any confusion, it’s important to understand that websites like LawnStarter, HomeAdvisor, and Thumbtack are not lawn care companies. Instead, they are lawn service marketing platforms that help you find lawn care services in your area. It can be confusing as the process of searching for companies can land you on these pages as though they are a service provider. But they’re being paid by local companies for lead generation.

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LawnStarter, HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack in Memphis, TN and Northern MS are the 3 names that seem to come up most often, at least in our area. 

Should I Use a Lead Generating Site to Choose Lawn Services in Memphis, TN or Northern MS?

There’s nothing wrong with third-party sites like LawnStarter or HomeAdvisor, as long as you know what they are and use them appropriately.

They might be helpful in coming up with a list of names of lawn care companies that you can further research.

But, the key is to perform that further research. You should be cautious about choosing a lawn care provider simply because they made it on to a list at one of these third-party sites. These lists are not randomly generated, nor are they the “best of the best.” Typically, if companies advertise with the third-party site, they can receive additional leads. That means that you might not be receiving the best possible recommendations for lawn care but instead may receive leads based on who paid the most advertising dollars to be included.

You should also recognize that unless you perform further research on your own, you really don’t know what you’re getting when you hire a company off of one of these sites. You’re just blindly trusting what the third-party provider is telling you. But keep in mind, as a lead generating platform, they’re not doling out unbiased opinions.

How to Make a Better-Informed Lawn Care Decision

We understand the appeal of companies like LawnStarter, HomeAdvisor, and Thumbtack. Everyone is busy and the process of researching lawn care services can be daunting. But these companies simplify that process by narrowing down your list.

But in simplifying the process for you, they’re taking away your ability to choose from all of the options, which is what you deserve. They might be leaving out lawn care companies that would provide better services (and better results) simply because they weren’t advertisers. 

Although it takes a lot of work, the best way to choose a lawn service in Memphis, TN or Northern MS is to put in the research. You can use these third-party sites to come up with a list but you should recognize that it may be incomplete. And, you should still take the time to research any company that ends up on that list to make sure they’re worthy of being there. Right now, the only thing you know, is that they probably paid some money to be one of your leads.

While it does take more time, one of the best ways to do this is to compare companies side-by-side. By doing so, you can ultimately come to an educated decision about which lawn care provider is best for you. Investing that time into the research process will pay off with better results and overall better service.

As you perform your research of each company take the time to look at their website and learn more about them. Compare different companies’ lawn care programs and even make use of third-party review sites like Google Reviews to see how each company ranks.

Your Choice, Your Peace of Mind

By taking the choice into your own hands, as opposed to just leaving it up to chance (as you would if you simply picked a name off a list), you ultimately control your own destiny. Taking the time to put in the research and feel confident that you’re making a wise and well-educated decision should pay off with peace of mind that you’re not only going to get great service but great results.

Master Lawn lawn care technician and happy customer

While it may be tempting to just go with the first response that comes your way, the last thing that you want to do is wind up with a company you’re unhappy with and results that disappoint.

You’re choosing a path with a bit more work but we commend you for being a smart consumer in a day and age when quick decisions are often the norm. By refusing to choose what’s quickest or easiest, but what’s best for your lawn, you’ll be on your way to getting the results you desire. 

Ready to learn why Master Lawn could be your choice for the best lawn care company in Memphis, TN? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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