An Inside Look at Lawn Care Technician Jobs in Olive Branch, MS

Are you someone who is interested in lawn care technician jobs in Olive Branch, MS? You might have some preconceived notions as to what a job like this entails or how much it pays. You might even already have some ideas about what kind of experience you’ll need.

The truth is, there are a variety of misconceptions about the lawn care industry, including the idea that it doesn’t pay well or that it’s a dead-end career path. While it’s true that some companies might pay poorly or offer little hope for a growing career, that’s not the case across the board. In fact, we think it’s a shame that a handful of companies create these negative perceptions of our industry as a whole.

That’s why we’re here to give you the inside scoop! If you’re looking for lawn care technician jobs in Olive Branch, MS we want you to have a good idea how choosing the right company can set you up for success.lawn care technician spraying a lawn

How Much Do Lawn Care Technician Jobs in Olive Branch, MS Pay?

We know that there are a lot of rumors that lawn care jobs pay poorly. But that’s definitely not the case at every company. While we can’t speak to what every lawn care company is doing, we can give you the inside scoop at Master Lawn.

We have always been transparent about our pay scale and we know that our team members appreciate that. After all, there’s nothing worse than being duped into believing you have more earning potential than you really do.

At Master Lawn, we find that we pay more than most of the competitors in our region. But we expect more, too (and that’s an important point). Many of the companies that don’t pay well don’t have very high expectations for their team members. They certainly aren’t setting them up for success.’

We start our hourly rate at $15 or $16 an hour in most cases, sometimes more.

There’s also an opportunity to earn more over time, which is important too. When people are looking for long-term career opportunities, they need to be able to know that their earning potential can grow with them.lawn care technician applying granular fertilizer

You Don’t Necessarily Need Lawn Care Experience for Lawn Care Technician Jobs in Olive Branch, MS

Here’s a fact that shocks a lot of people—you do not necessarily need previous lawn care experience to get hired at Master Lawn. That’s because we have a culture focused on training and we can teach you what you need to know. We don’t just stick people in the field who don’t know what they’re doing.

We make sure they learn the best practices.

That’s a really important point because in some ways it’s a lot harder to train a lawn care tech who has 20 years of experience doing the wrong thing than it is someone who is brand-new to the field and willing to learn.

Therefore, we love to hire people based on character.
lawn care technician aerating a lawn
If you are someone who is a go-getter, a hard worker, who has a desire and willingness to learn, and who has a positive attitude, then you can count on us to train and support you on what you need to know.

The primary role of the lawn care technician at Master Lawn is to safely and effectively carry out applications as part of our horticultural application program. We’ll teach you how to do just that!

It’s Not a Job, It’s a Career

One of the most important points that we want to make is that deciding to come work for Master Lawn is more than taking a job. It’s choosing a career. We know there are a lot of dead-end jobs in this industry but this is not one of them.

At Master Lawn, we are growing and with that growth comes continual new opportunities for our people.

We like to tell new hires: As we grow, opportunities for you will grow, too.

This is truly a place where you can climb the career ladder, if you so wish. But maybe you really love being a lawn care technician. You love that you aren’t confined to an office all day and that you get to be out making peoples’ lawns better. It’s a job with stable hours and good pay, making it a great career to support a family on.
lawn care technician inspecting a lawn
We have folks who have been here for many years including Ralph who has been with Master Lawn for 22 years. Our lawn care technicians get to know the clients we work with, personally. And they really get to know the lawns that they work on, too. That’s pretty unheard of in this industry but it’s something that sets us apart.

Choosing a Lawn Care Career

If what you’re hearing sounds good to you, then you might be interested in choosing a career with Master Lawn. We feel a commitment to be more to our team members than just a temporary solution, as so many lawn care technician jobs in Olive Branch, MS end up being. So often, it ends up just being a “job filler” while people look for something better.

But this could be the long-term, viable career option that you’re seeking! At Master Lawn, it truly is so much more than just a job. We’re here to help set you up for success and make you a long-term member of our team.

Are you looking for a lawn care technician role where you can become a long-term member of the team? You can find out more about a career with Master Lawn on our website.

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Joey Steele, Lawn & Plant Health Care Manager

Since 2004, Joey has been using his B.S. in Landscape Construction and his turf and ornamental certifications to transform properties in our area. He loves seeing the fruit of his team's hard work and enjoys the many relationships he's formed since joining our team in 2008. He's an Olive Branch, MS native and enjoys spending time with his wife and three young boys, fishing and going to football games.

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