Dogs & Grass: 4 Tips for Happy Pets and Great Lawns in Memphis, TN & Northern MS

If you’re anything like us, and you have one or more pet dogs, there’s a good chance you feel that they’re part of your family. Our furry family members are important to us and we want the best for them. Of course, we love our lawns, too. While sometimes it may seem as though dogs and lawns cannot go hand-in-hand, the truth is, you can have the best of both worlds.

Here are a few tips on how you can have happy pets and a great lawn, too.

1. Dogs and Lawn Treatments: Safety First

First and foremost, if you have a dog, then one of our best pieces of advice would be to ensure that you are communicating with your lawn care company about your pet. If your dog is going to be at home when your lawn care company is scheduled for a visit, it’s clear that you’re communicating about where the dog is going to be.

Master Lawn asks that homeowners keep their dogs inside while we are treating the lawn. However, we also want to make sure that we’re closing and latching gates when we leave so that you know you can safely let your pet out again.

When thinking about dogs and lawn treatments, you might also be thinking about the products utilized. Our products are safe for kids and pets as soon as they dry.A young kid playing with his dog on his lawn

2. Dogs and Grass: When Damage is a Worry

One of the reasons that homeowners may think that dogs and lawns don’t work well together is that owning a dog often means lawn damage may be a problem. For one, if you have a dog that digs or loves to run around, your lawn may get torn up.

Urine burn is also a common issue that dog owners face with their lawns. Because dog urine is high in nitrogen and urea, in large quantities, it can begin to burn the grass. This is often a problem as most dogs tend to use the same “spot” again and again.

While there is no “magic potion” to solve these problems, we do have some words of advice in terms of how dogs and lawns can co-exist. We’ve talked to enough homeowners in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS to hear some of their best solutions.

Create a Dog-Friendly Location

For some homeowners, creating a dog-friendly area of their property has been one way to avoid problems. Pet owners have told us that they’ve been able to train their dogs to use a mulched area or a far corner of the property, where they aren’t worried about them burning the grass.
Dogs and lawn care
In fact, some homeowners have particularly shady spots on their lawn where grass doesn’t grow well anyways. If that’s the case, you could work with our sister company Michael Hatcher & Associates to develop some shade-loving mulched areas that could also become a hang-out spot for your pup.

For a lot of homeowners, a side yard can also work well as a sort of “dog run” area. Then you can focus on keeping your main backyard area looking its best.

Utilize Your Local Dog Park

If keeping your lawn in pristine condition is really important to you, then being sure to take your dog on plenty of walks or to the local dog park could be a solution that allows them to get their energy out without tearing up your yard.
dog running and wearing down lawn
We work with lots of homeowners who have gorgeous lawns and dogs, and they sometimes tell us that they try to give their dogs time to let loose outside of their yard. When they’re tired out, they’ll be more likely to just rest and hang out in the yard rather than dig!

3. Dogs and Lawn Fertilizer—Plus Other Lawn Care Treatments for a Healthier Lawn

Of course, utilizing lawn care services to promote the thickness and overall health of your lawn will also go a really long way in helping it stand up against urine burn or some wear and tear. While this won’t prevent these problems, your lawn will perform a lot better even in the face of stress as compared to a thin lawn that’s already struggling.

Keeping up with a full lawn care program, including lawn fertilization treatments, and also incorporating lawn aeration and overseeding service will help ensure that your lawn is thick and thriving. This will not only help it to better withstand some stress but it will also make problems less noticeable when they do arise.technician fertilizing a lawn

4. Dogs and Grass: Targeting Where Ticks and Fleas May Live

Finally, since we’re talking about dogs and lawns, it’s worth also mentioning fleas and ticks as these are common pests that your pets must face—and they often happen to live in backyards.

At Master Lawn, we have always advised that topical treatments for your pets, as recommended by your veterinarian, can go a long way in protecting your four-legged family members. After all, even if your pets are not picking up fleas and ticks at your home, they could pick them up elsewhere (such as on a walk).

On top of whatever your veterinarian may advise, flea and tick spray can also help keep these pests off your property and away from your pets. At Master Lawn, we use targeted applications applied approximately 45 days apart between April and October. This comes out to 6 well-timed visits. Our program is customized to address the specific habitats where these pests tend to lurk.lawn care technician spraying flea and tick preventative

Working with Master Lawn for a Lawn You’ll Love

At the end of the day, it comes down to working with a company that can offer the services that you’ll need to promote a thick and healthy lawn, using products that are safe for your pet. You’ll also want to make sure that you choose a conscientious company that is always going the extra mile and closing and latching gates so that your pets stay safe.

That being said, we know that you value honesty and transparency, too. We hate to see lawn care companies make promises that they can’t keep. If anyone is telling you that they have some magic solution for urine burn, then we’d advise being wary of these overpromises as they simply aren’t realistic. Keeping the lawn in good shape will help you stay ahead of damage and problems but it can’t prevent them entirely.

At Master Lawn, you can always count on us for the truth. We’ll also take all of the necessary steps to get your lawn in the best shape possible so that it can stand up to your pet’s use as much as possible.

We love and cherish our pets as much as you do and we understand that you want the best of both worlds. You deserve to have a lawn that’s safe and enjoyable for your pet but one that you find beautiful, too.

Are you ready for a dog-friendly lawn at your Memphis, TN, or Northern MS home? Talk to an expert, learn more about our 3 lawn care programs, and become the master of your lawn.

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