Does DIY Tree Fertilizer Work? Or Should I Hire a Tree Fertilizing Company?

The ornamental trees on your property are a valued part of your overall landscape. You know that you want to keep them looking healthy but you may not know what’s involved in that effort. 

You might be wondering if you can just use some DIY tree fertilizer product or if your trees really even need fertilizer at all? 

While you may be uncertain about your trees’ needs, you know that you don’t want to see your beloved plants succumb to problems that could have been avoided. You just want to be able to feel confident that you’re making the right decisions.

We commend you for your efforts to explore what your trees need and have put together an article that will hopefully answer all of your questions.

Why Do Trees Need Fertilization?

First and foremost, you might be wondering why trees need fertilization in the first place. If you’re like a lot of people, you might have always assumed that trees are mostly self-sustaining.

House an landscape with trees fertilized by professsionals

However, because they’re often re-planted far away from their native soils, trees on your property will benefit from the use of tree fertilizer products. Trees and shrubs placed in a suburban environment can be stressed and lack the nutrients which would have been available in a typical woodland setting. Providing fertilization to your ornamental trees will go a long way in giving them what they need to thrive. 

Can I Use DIY Tree Fertilizer?

Now that you understand why trees need fertilization, you might be wondering if it’s something that you can just do on your own. Most likely you’ve seen tree fertilizer products at the local big box store and you might just want to try that approach.

But the truth is, these DIY products are simply not that effective.

Unfortunately, products like tree fertilizer spikes are not able to get the nutrients deep enough into the soil to have much (if any) beneficial impact. One of the best ways to get fertilizer products into the tree is to get it down into the root system where it will translocate throughout the tree as a whole. But tree spikes just concentrate that fertilization material to a few select areas of the tree’s root system.

Exactly what you’re getting out of those tree fertilizer spikes is also a big concern. The potency of the product has a direct effect on the success of the fertilizer and, at a big box store, you’re simply not going to get the same professional-grade material that a tree fertilizing company would use.

How Does a Tree Fertilizing Company Perform Fertilization?

We hate to see homeowners waste their money on products that aren’t going to work that well. When you’re investing in tree fertilization materials, you expect to see an impact. So, you might be wondering what a professional will do that’s different? 

plant health care technician fertilizing trees and shrubs

A professional deep root tree fertilization treatment entails injecting liquid materials below the surface, into the root zone of the trees utilizing a specialized tool used by tree care professionals. The tool is inserted near the base of trees, delivering the precise amount of nutritional materials throughout the root zone. This delivery method reduces runoff of valuable materials and also allows a tree to absorb fertilizer directly through its roots.

An added benefit of hiring a professional tree fertilizing company is that they will be able to offer a comprehensive program that can address other issues as well. Beyond supplying much-needed nutrients, the ornamental trees on your property also regularly need protection against disease and pests. 

At Master Lawn, for instance, we may combine a deep root fertilizer product with a systemic product if we need to treat a pest or disease problem at the same time that we are delivering fertilization. We have the ability to address all of the tree’s needs with a customized approach depending upon what it is dealing with. There are actually a variety of different treatment methods that pros can utilize.

Protecting your Investment with a Tree Fertilizing Company

Now that you understand the benefits, you might be thinking about hiring a pro. One of the biggest benefits of taking this step is that you can sign up for a Plant Health Care program which will also prevent a lot of problems that can occur. This proactive approach is invaluable when it comes to protecting your investment.

Master Lawn plant health care technician fertilizing trees and shrubs

The fact is, you want to protect your trees before there are signs of trouble or stress. Trees can take years to show the effect of a deep-seated problem, so you want to always be proactive in supporting their health and welfare. A tree that is receiving professional fertilization is definitely healthier, stronger and better protected against insects, disease and other environmental stressors than one which is not.

At Master Lawn, we are here for all of your shrub and ornamental tree fertilization and plant health care needs. We understand the value that they provide and that you are committed to protecting them and we want to be your partner in that effort.  By allowing us to be your guide, you’ll be able to get the full enjoyment out of your shrubs and trees as they grow and thrive, remaining a flourishing aspect of your property for years to come.

Ready to stop worrying about the health of your property’s trees and shrubs by investing in protection for your landscape? Request a quote, get your customized Plant Health Care plan, and become the master of your landscape.

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