BuzzFREE Mosquito Control vs. Master Lawn: 2 Service Options for Memphis, TN

Though tiny, mosquitoes have quite a bit of power when it comes to wrecking your otherwise enjoyable time outside. As you know, mosquitoes can be unrelenting—so much so, that in the past, you may have just packed up and moved the party indoors. If you’ve tried DIY mosquito remedies before, you know they just don’t work that well.

That’s why you might be looking for professional mosquito control.

You want to be able to enjoy time outside without having to worry about pesky mosquitoes. After all, not only do these pests annoy you, but they also carry potentially deadly diseases like Zika and West Nile. There’s no doubt, you need a solution that works.

Of course, in researching your options, you might have learned that there are quite a few companies offering these services. Among them is BuzzFREE Mosquito Control. If this company has popped up on your radar, you might be wondering how they compare to a company like Master Lawn.

To help get your research started, we’re comparing the two side-by-side.Technician spraying mosquito control in Memphis

Who is BuzzFREE Mosquito Control?

Whenever researching a company or service, it helps to start on their website and learn more about them. BuzzFREE Mosquito is a Memphis, TN company that treats mosquitoes and other biting insects, including fleas and ticks.

While they talk about their mosquito service on their website, they don’t talk too much about their company itself (or more importantly, the people behind it). There are no photos of real-life team members and no information about who works there.

Generally, it’s helpful to have an About Us or team page talking about the people at the company. BuzzFREE Mosquito has a page like this, but it only talks about their services.

How Does BuzzFREE Mosquito Control Compare to Master Lawn?

While the lack of information about their team makes it difficult for us to compare that aspect, we can compare our services.

Comparing Mosquito Control

BuzzFREE Mosquito offers their mosquito control services in two ways.

The first is an automatic misting system. This is installed and then offers you an automated service. According to the website, their system usually mists product 3 times a day. While this sounds good in theory, our biggest concern is how well it works. With an automatic misting system, how is it ensured that product is applied consistently? What if it’s windy one day? It does not seem like an ideal solution in terms of ensuring you’re fully covered.

The other way that BuzzFREE offers mosquito control services is through barrier treatments. It says that their barrier treatments last 21 days, which leads us to assume it’s a weaker product. According to its website, BuzzFREE uses a product called pyrethrum, which is derived from a flower extract.

Master Lawn offers Organic Mosquito Control, which means you don’t have to compromise safety for effectiveness. While these are safe, organic products, they are still professional-grade and incredibly effective. They’re applied by trained technicians who take a customized approach to your property’s exact needs by targeting the prime mosquito habitats at your home. We’re applying these products with professional-grade equipment including the use of professional backpack sprayers for precise application.
Mosquito spray equipment
We’ve also pinpointed the ideal number of visits required to ensure there are no periods of time that your property goes unprotected. Our mosquito applications are spaced approximately 30 to 40 days apart in April through October.

Comparing Additional Services

While there are obviously some differences in the way that we go about our mosquito service, the biggest difference is the fact that BuzzFREE solely focuses on pest control. If you’re looking for other outdoor services like lawn care or plant health care, you’ll have to hire another company.

But Master Lawn can offer a full array of lawn care services. We offer 3 different lawn care programs, so that there is something for everyone.
lawn care technician spreading fertilizer
In fact, we even go a step further and have a sister company Michael Hatcher & Associates, which allows us to offer the full scope of landscaping services you might also need like tree care, plant installation, and more.

At Master Lawn, we are focused on being the true outdoor experts. While both BuzzFREE Mosquito and Master Lawn are licensed to treat mosquitoes and other biting insects, we know that your outdoor needs likely stem far beyond that problem. That’s why we’re there to address all of your potential concerns and solve any problems that might arise.

Looking at Online Reviews

Besides spending some time on companies’ websites, online reviews can also be a powerful tool in helping you to compare companies. With online reviews, you get a sense of what clients (both past and current) have to say about a company.

As you look at online reviews, consider not only the number of stars a company was given but also how many people have reviewed them. It becomes more difficult to maintain a high rating as you have more and more people reviewing you.

We recommend finding a company with a 4.5-star rating or higher and a lot of reviewers.

Unfortunately, we could not find Google Reviews for BuzzFREE Mosquito. But we can share with you Master Lawn’s reviews.

Master Lawn Google Review: 4.7 stars based on 93 reviews

Making Your Educated Choice in Professional Mosquito Control

You want to be able to enjoy your property to the fullest—not feel under attack every time that you try to go outside. That’s why it’s important that you find a company that can safely and effectively address your pest problem.

By performing the research that you’re doing now, you can feel confident that you’re choosing the best mosquito service for your needs.

Once you make that smart choice, you’ll no longer feel as though you have to drag the kids inside or stop the party short. With mosquitoes effectively addressed on your property, you can cast your worries aside and get back to enjoying your yard.

Ready to say goodbye to mosquitoes at your Tennessee or Northern Mississippi home? Talk to an expert, learn more about our organic mosquito control program to one of our 3 lawn care programs, and become the master of your lawn.

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