7 Bugs in Your Yard & Remedies for Homeowners in Memphis, TN & Northern MS

Your outdoor space is a place of respite. A place that you can escape and get to enjoy some peaceful time outside. But if you’ve got bugs in the yard, then your relaxation time can quickly be ruined by creepy crawlies—or by the sight of lawn problems caused by these pests.

You shouldn’t have to deal with bugs in the lawn when all you’re trying to do is get some time to yourself—or maybe even some special time with your family. That’s why you want to get rid of any pests that might intrude upon your space.

While it’s true that in Memphis TN, and Northern MS, we have a number of pests that can cause trouble, we are fortunate to also have solutions that work. Here’s what you need to know!

The Most Common Bugs in Yard—and How to Deal with Them

While you could have a number of different bugs in the lawn, here are 7 of the most common ones that we see as well as how to deal with them.

1. Lawn Grubs

When it comes to lawn grubs, you’re more likely to notice their damage ahead of actually noticing them. Grubs are the larvae of beetles, which lay their eggs in the summer. They are typically born in the soil and then begin feeding on the roots of your lawn sometime around mid-August. When that happens, you might begin to notice brown patches, where the grass has died.
Lawn grub
The trouble with grubs is that they also attract moles to your property, which are the most problematic rodents in our region. Moles will very quickly start to dig up your lawn in search of grubs to feed upon.

Lawn Grub Remedy?

The best way to deal with grubs is to prevent them in the first place. This can be accomplished with a preventative grub control product that will restrict these pests from hatching. Of course, there is a window in which such products need to be applied. If that is not met, there are also curative products that can kill grubs on contact.

2. Chinch Bugs

Of the potential bugs in the lawn, chinch bugs are another common one. These lawn insects have a blackish-gray body with fine hairs and white wings. As surface-feeding insects, chinch bugs feed by sucking the fluids out of individual grass blades. While doing so, they also inject a toxin that causes grass to turn yellow or brown and eventually die. chinch bugs

Chinch Bug Remedy?

At Master Lawn, we utilize an all-in-one type of product that is both curative and preventative in addressing chinch bugs. This means it will take care of your existing chinch bug problem while also preventing a future invasion.

3. Armyworms

ArmywormLike chinch bugs, armyworms are another surface-feeding insect. These pests are the larvae of a particular moth. Unfortunately, they are highly destructive. Of the potential bugs in the yard, these creatures are powerful and can devastate a yard in a matter of days.

Their power comes in their numbers. In fact, they get their name due to the fact that they travel in an army-like fashion, sticking to a group (which is often in the thousands!). They eat swiftly as they move, munching on your grass.

Armyworm Remedy?

Early detection is key when it comes to dealing with armyworms. These surface-feeding insects are best controlled by insecticide products at the first sign of a problem. By keeping an eye out for an armyworm invasion, you can prevent severe damage to your lawn. While your lawn care technician should also be keeping a close watch on your property, at Master Lawn, we encourage homeowners to call us at the first sign of trouble. We recognize that pests can sneak onto your property in between our visits.

4. Ticks

Of the different bugs in the yard, ticks are one of the most hated. After all, ticks require a host for survival and that means they pose a threat to your family (including your four-legged members). Since ticks can also transmit deadly diseases (most notably Lyme disease), it’s a pest that you want to take seriously. Tick

Tick Remedy?

At Master Lawn, we also take the threat of ticks seriously. That’s why we not only recommend utilizing tick spray in the yard but also taking additional steps to protect you and your family. That includes wearing long sleeves and/or pants whenever walking on trails. Checking your clothing and body for ticks when coming inside. And, avoiding habitats, or at least being extra cautious when in areas where ticks thrive (such as wooded areas or fields).

In terms of your property, professional applications of tick spray should be used to target these pests between April and October (their prime season).

5. Fleas

Just like ticks, fleas are another pest that requires a host in order to survive. In fact, a flea will only live about one week if it isn’t able to feed. Unlike ticks, fleas strongly prefer animal hosts and are more of a threat to your pets.Flea

Flea Remedy?

At Master Lawn, the same product that we apply for tick control will also address fleas. In addition to professional control products, we also recommend that you take any steps that your veterinarian recommends in order to protect your pet. That might include a flea and tick collar or medication. The fact is, even if you prevent ticks on your property, your pet is likely still going otter places with you (such as on walks) and can still bring fleas and ticks into your home this way. We want you and your pet to be fully protected.

6. Fire Ants

Fire ants are a frustrating-but-prevalent pest here in Memphis TN and Northern MS. Fire ants are a dark red/brown color and are known for their ability to sting. The sting contains alkaloid venom, which is highly irritating to human skin and can cause red bumps and white pustules. Some people end up being allergic to fire ants and have a much more severe reaction.Fire ants on plants

Fire Ant Remedy?

Because fire ants can be dangerous, the best control solutions involve a professional. Whether you suspect you already have a fire ant problem, or you are just being proactive about preventing one, a professional can help.

At Master Lawn, our fire ant control program can keep fire ants at bay for approximately 4 to 6 months.

7. Mosquitoes

While we know that mosquitoes aren’t really bugs in the lawn, they are a big enough concern that we thought they were worth adding to this list. Like fleas and ticks, mosquitoes can carry and transmit disease and the last thing that you want is them buzzing around creating a threat when you’re trying to enjoy time outside. Mosquito

Mosquito Remedy?

At Master Lawn, we offer organic mosquito control that targets the prime mosquito habitats on your property. People are often surprised to learn that mosquitoes are weak fliers and stop often to rest. The key to getting rid of mosquitoes on your property is to figure out where they’re going to take those breaks and then treating those areas with an effective product.

In addition to offering an effective, professionally applied product, we also address cultural issues around the property that could be impacting your mosquito population. For instance, if you have areas of standing water, those spots need to be addressed to prevent mosquito breeding grounds. We care about helping you see effective results, so we’re always willing to go the extra mile and provide additional recommendations that will help.

Take Control of Your Yard

If you have bugs in the yard, then you might be feeling like you’ve lost control. But you shouldn’t have to worry about pests lurking or potentially ruining your time outside. The fact is, there are effective remedies that can address your concerns and help you take back control of your yard.

As a result, you can get back to spending more time outside without worries. After all, it’s your yard and you deserve to be the master of it!

Ready to say goodbye to troublesome pests at your Memphis, TN, or Northern MS home? Talk to an expert, learn more about adding organic mosquito control or other insect control treatments to one of our 3 lawn care programs, and become the master of your lawn!

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