Are Angie's List, YourGreenPal, & Lawn Love Legit Lawn Companies in Memphis, TN or Northern MS?

Searching for lawn companies sounds like it should be relatively easy. How much different can one company really be from another?

In reality, if you’ve searched for lawn care companies in Memphis, TN and Northern MS then you already know your choices are varied. Beyond that, as you perform your research you’ll likely also come across not only a lot of local lawn companies but also a number of third-party, lead generating sites that will throw even more possibilities your way.

In fact, some of these third-party companies could actually position themselves in a way that they appear they are a lawn company.

It can quickly get complicated.

We’re helping to sort out some of the confusion by talking about Angie’s List, GreenPal, and Love Lawn in Memphis, TN and Northern MS. What are these companies and can they really help you in your search?

What are Angie’s List, YourGreenPal, and Love Lawn in Memphis, TN and Northern MS?

Let’s be clear right off the bat that these 3 companies are all third-party companies meaning that none of them actually perform any lawn care services.

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Probably the most well-known amongst these 3 is Angie’s List, a lead generating site like some of these others we’ve talked about in a previous article. That means that you go on there searching for a service, and Angie’s List will make recommendations as to whom you should hire.

However, YourGreenPal and Lawn Love are a little less obvious. In fact, some people have assumed that they are actual companies that perform lawn care services. In many ways their websites make them look like they could be. However, these two companies are third-party service providers who are connecting you with local companies (not actually performing any of the work themselves).

YourGreenPal will get you quotes in your area, so there’s still some choice involved on your part. Even so, we find this model problematic as it sets you up to be shopping more on price than anything else. 

But Lawn Love Memphis is even less transparent in the way their website is set up. They actually have services listed out as though they are a company performing this work. In reality, they’re referring it out.

This is a business model you should certainly question.

Here’s a good way to think about it. It’s a lot like paying a big box store to do some service work for you, such as install flooring or perform a plumbing repair. They are not the ones performing the work but they are subcontracting it out. That means that you don’t really know what you’ll end up with. It could be a company that does a great job—or it could end up being subpar. And you have no say in who ends up doing the work. You can’t compare companies and come to a decision of what looks best for you. You’re at the mercy of whomever they choose.

In the process of subbing out services to various lawn companies in the area, YourGreenPal and Lawn Love are also making some profit for landing the job for these companies. That could end up meaning that you pay more than if you’d just hired that company on your own. The whole premise of the process is that they take away the stress of researching companies and make the decision for you. But at what cost is that happening? 

You could end up with a company you don’t like, that performs subpar, or that costs more than you would have had to pay—all in an effort to simplify. Although people may like the idea of “quick and easy,” it could mean you sacrifice something as a result.

Should I Use Lead-Generating Sites to Perform Research?

Our main concern with these companies comes down to transparency. As a company, Master Lawn has always been incredibly committed to being honest and transparent with our customers about what they’re getting. It’s why we publish articles giving you “insider information,” including how to compare lawn care programs. We even detail out our programs such as what’s included and how much they cost.

Master Lawn lawn care programs and pricing

We go a lot further than many companies because we believe that an educated consumer will make the best choice for their lawn care.

But, these third-party companies take away some of that choice and that’s our biggest worry.

That being said, a website like Angie’s List is a fine place to begin the research process as long as you’re aware that it’s via a website in which companies can pay a fee in order to advertise and receive more leads. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just something you should be aware of as you start to explore your options. In other words, keep in mind that a company which pops up first in your search isn’t necessarily the most qualified but may have paid money to rank higher on your search list.

We would recommend that if you use a site like this, you only use it as a springboard. It can be a place to start your research process, but you should still take the time to compare companies on your own.

Becoming an Educated Lawn Care Consumer

When push comes to shove, we want you to be an educated lawn care consumer that understands what they’re facing. We know that there are enough marketing gimmicks and special deals to weed through amongst different lawn companies and throwing third-party lawn companies into the mix can convolute things even more.

Fortunately, you have an ally. You can count on us to be on your side and help create transparency where there may be confusion. Understanding what you’re getting will help make you an educated customer and ultimately help you to choose wisely.

At Master Lawn, we commend you for taking the time and effort to be an educated lawn consumer and we’re here to help in any way that we can. Whatever your lawn care wish may be, we’re ready to make it our command.

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