2 Tools for Lawn Weeds Identification in Memphis, TN & Northern MS

Have you ever heard the expression know thine enemy? It dates all the way back to the 5th century BC when Chinese military general Sun Tzu shared that piece of battle advice meaning that you must “know what you’re up against.”

Honestly, we couldn’t sum up our top weed control advice any better.

The fact is, if you’re going to go to war against weeds, you need to know what you’re up against—and that boils down to taking the time to identify lawn weeds. Proper identification will impact how you can best control the weeds that your lawn is struggling to fight. While a lot of people mistakenly assume that all weeds are treated the same way, the truth is, different weeds require different controls.

That’s why we’re sharing our best tools for lawn weeds identification. Once you know what weeds your lawn has, you’ll know how to best get rid of them.

1. Identify Weeds Using Mobile Apps or a Website

Identifying weeds is not quite as simple as it may sound. There are certain weeds that everyone seems to know and they have a “tell-tale” look that makes them obvious. Dandelions are a good example. The bright yellow flower and the coarsely toothed leaves of the dandelion are pretty recognizable.

However, there are plenty of other weeds that are just as hated, but not quite as easy to identify. Part of the reason for this is that many of these weeds tend to resemble one another. As an example, crabgrass is pretty universally hated here in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS and yet it can be mistaken for other unwanted grasses like Dallisgrass or Goosegrass. How can you tell them apart?
Crabgrass lawn weed
With the Internet at your fingertips, you might turn to an online search for additional information. But it’s really important to keep in mind that weeds are highly regional. What we deal with here in Memphis, TN, and Northern MS can be quite different from what folks are dealing with in other parts of the country. If you’re trying to identify weeds in your lawn using online information, it means you need to make sure that you’re keeping your research to our local area. If you come across weed identification websites originating from other areas, there might be weeds listed that we don’t deal with, further complicating the identification process.

One great example that we’ve seen of a local resource is the University of Tennessee's Extension website for weed identification which includes both pictures and information. They have a Turfgrass Weeds Tool with photos and descriptions that could be very helpful. You click on a photo that looks like a weed you might have and it provides a detailed description.

At Master Lawn, we have also written articles about weeds that help educate homeowners on what they might be dealing with. We include pictures and information about these weeds that can help you distinguish one from another.
Goosegrass weed
Another area where homeowners sometimes turn for lawn weeds identification is a mobile app. While there are a few weed ID apps that we’ve seen, we have not found any specifically local to Memphis, TN or Northern MS. That means that you might be looking at weeds which aren’t even found in our area. The regional aspect of weed identification is incredibly important.

2. Identify Weeds with the Help of an Expert

Even better than attempting to identify what your lawn might be dealing with using pictures and information is simply asking an expert! After all, a trained lawn care expert in Memphis TN, or Northern MS, should know all of the different weeds that are common in the area.

When homeowners work with Master Lawn, they get access to our weed control experts. That means instead of having to try and figure out what’s in your lawn (and wondering if you guessed correctly), you can simply ask someone who knows.
lawn care technician inspecting lawn weeds
At Master Lawn, we truly want to be a helpful resource to you. We know that sometimes weeds might pop up in between our scheduled visits and we want to know about them!

That’s why we encourage homeowners to reach out to their lawn care technician and text them a photo of what they’re seeing in their lawn.

Our lawn care technicians are willing to give out their mobile number for this very reason. Homeowners can also call the office to ask questions or email us photos. Think of it like your “phone a friend option” (if you’ve ever watched Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?). We want to be there for you! After all, you’ve hired us for our expertise and we want you to take advantage of that opportunity.

Making the War Against Weeds Easy

At Master Lawn, we’ve focused on everything we can do to make your entire weed fighting experience easier on you. We know that you have better things to do than trying to figure out what’s growing in your lawn and how to address it. That’s why we want you to rely on our expertise to identify lawn weeds and get rid of them!

Of course, this is where your choice in lawn care professionals matters most. While it’s true that different weeds require different controls, some lawn care companies do not treat them that way. They’ll just go out and apply a blanket application of a weed control product instead of targeting specifically what’s growing in your yard.
lawn care technician spraying weed control
At the end of the day, the best weed control approach is one that is varied with different products used at different times of the year (and for the different weeds your yard might have). This includes an arsenal of not only post-emergent controls to kill weeds on contact but also pre-emergent controls to stop them from germinating in the first place.

Connect with a Lawn Care Expert Today

If you’re looking to connect with the best weed expert to help you with lawn weeds identification, you can visit our website for a free estimate so that you can get the process underway as quickly and easily as possible.

In addition to implementing a strategy that includes the right array of weed control products, we’ll also get started on a full lawn care program that will help promote the health (and growth) of your lawn so that it can fight back against these invaders. While a lot of companies focus heavily on weed control products (and they’re obviously important), the truth is, a thick and healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds in the first place! Since weeds often thrive in conditions where healthy turf does not, getting your lawn in good shape will help you naturally keep unwanted weeds out of your yard!

Ultimately, it boils down to your wise choice in lawn care companies. By selecting a company that is going to take a customized approach to your lawn, you’ll be able to properly identify and get rid of weeds! They may be aggressive but you’ve got an ally on your side who knows exactly how to deal with them.

Ready to win the battle against pesky lawn weeds? Talk to a lawn care expert, choose from 3 program options, and become the master of your lawn.

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Image Source: Foxtail, Goosegrass

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